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шерсть на шелке, нано-войлок

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PWkklNWAIkyVywl (2012-04-03 04:52:41)
The is THE best book I've seen in the sewing/craft mkaert lately. The beautiful pictures alone are enough to make you pick it up time and time again. Each technique has step-by-step instructions with photos, so whether you learn by looking or reading, you're covered either way. Who knew you could do so much with ribbon? From piping to elaborate rosettes, there's something for everyone in this wonderful book, whether you're a crafter or a serious sewer. It's a wonderful book to keep on your reference shelf!

680vrx9wS71y (2013-10-25 02:07:59)
vanessa lopez - These pictures are the most bfatuieul, and so creative that I've ever seen. Your work is amazing. I'm from Weslaco,Tx. I've been looking for a photographer ever since I turned 5 mths and now that I'm 2wks away from my due date its been so hard. I hope one day u decide to open up a studio closer by bkuz there is nothing like that here. Luv ur wrk

2Qx71LCEHXiy (2014-02-04 13:46:28)
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