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Мой Фликр

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Карибское море

Карибское море

нановойлок, шерсть, шелк, 2008

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tYSunkKANs (2012-02-29 03:46:25)
This book is irniinatposal. A good review for intermediate felters, offering new things to try. I find some details in the how to descriptions are missing though, and you just have to trust that what you are doing will work. For beginners it would be a tough slog, as they'd not have prior knowledge to fall back upon. Beautiful pictures.

QjYtYafuoPnvSLM (2013-01-25 15:30:14)
Very beautiful scarf, aminzag on your first try too! I love the wet felting, and would love to have someone teach me the finer points. I know how you feel, about being overwhelmed at times, with the job and all the farm stuff too. I feel the same way from time to time and if I think about it, I feel like I'm going to have a panic attack! So I try to just do, and not dwell on it.Tammy

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