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Собачка в оранжевой шапочке

Собачка в оранжевой шапочке

Варя Гулая, 8 лет, акрил,нитрон на войлоке

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qJiCLbKSbTKxizgejhH (2012-04-03 05:12:07)
Barbie also had a pooing dog alwihe back. I have a feeling it will become a collector's item one of these days, though I'm certain the poo is a choking hazard. The playdoh-like poo you describe above ranks into the same category as the Ghostbuster slime once did. We bought our son the longed-for Ghostbuster firehouse one Christmas, and promised that when you turn 12 (he may have been 7 or you can have the slime (which we were sure would ruin the carpet, clothing, and goo-up anything it touched. It was stored in the cupboard above the fridge, and every so many months, he'd ask about it. Years went by and we moved. We found the infamous tub of slime. Decided to open it. It had become a hardened block. I have to tell you, I never regretted not giving him that slime, mean mommy or not. Best I can tell, it never effected his fun with the toy, nor did it discolor his childhood. Best of all, we still tell him he can have the slime when he's 12, (a long-standing family joke) even though he's approaching 28.

aTUQJbeMHo (2012-10-24 07:23:02)
Dios miooo, Me encantaria cenocor a ese nif1a, daria hasta mi vida si fuera necesario, no existe una mujer mas linda que ella, es perfecta no le falta nada esta es entera..Sagia Castaf1eda, mi amor por favor dame la oportunidad de cenocorte, soy de Venezuela, del estado barinas vivo en llano alto!!

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