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Пробуждение, центр. часть триптиха

Пробуждение, центр. часть триптиха

непряденые акриловые и нитроновые волокна, аппликация на войлоке, 1996

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RgmzJVvszkyeOHAuBB (2012-07-04 02:12:19)
MONDE ? Perhaps the community of LE MONDE- bloeugrs already is too vast or perhaps there are some legal complications , since LE MONDE is a media enterprise and not a genuine platforme for bloggers ?! sure , I will keep on the BURMA- watch . If only out of the interest ffcr the country and the ongoings there . En plus , I'm curious about the COMPTES RENDUS other participants draw after the Action . C U @ Nuage -

gbmNfXZyfUCFMQu (2013-01-24 09:01:50)
For years, both in the military and polcie department I have carried a 1911 Colt 45 as my primary weapon. My choice of back ups change like the weather. At first I carried S&W .38 2 inch tube, then went to the 380 232 Sig, then to the Kel Tec .380, Beretta .380 and finally the .380 thunder by bersa. Don't let the reduced price of the bersa fool you. Argentina makes a good little hand gun and this .380 thunder is the largest caliber the citizens of this country (Argentina) allows. Its a fine shooting weapon right out of the box. The trigger system is one of the best I've encountered, both DA/SA. About 5 pounds DA and 3 pounds SA. As usual our gun guru (s) will mess it up by making statements like its worth 3 times what it sells for and PPK should contract with Bersa for trigger release know how will eventually up the present cost factors. But at the present $300. plus cost you can't go wrong. The little gun is a little heavy with all that steel but its pays at the firing line. As the oldline goes you never know when you are going to need a personnel protective weapon. I've got myself in the bad habitof carrying a .32 Kel Tec as a pocket weapon (easy carry) when I wear jeans and T shirts. However, I've been shooting carry weapons for over 50 years now and placement shots and a cool head counts for a lot. You put 7-8 rounds of .32 in the bad guys chest and gut, most of his aggression will go by the way side. I'm also a believer that an extra carry mag is important. When the Sig P-238 hits the money pit stores here I will probably get one. Love those 1911 designs. Not sure I want to carry a cocked and locked pistol, SA, in my front pant pocket or waist band though. The first 20 plus years in the military polcie would not allow the 1911 to be carried in the locked and cocked position. We carried 5 rounds of ball in the mag and 2 extra mags on our sam brown belts. Over the years I got pretty good at jacking a round into the chamber of the 1911 as I cleared leather. Those 45s had a heck of a knock down power. Guess that why I carry a Colt Commander 45 to this day. When I have to go thru those bad doors I want to know my weapon of choice will take care of whats waitine on the other side.

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