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Небо сквозь сосны

Небо сквозь сосны

войлок, цветное волокно, шерст. нити

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dhZZIdwvZUsQLKoR (2012-04-02 13:56:42)
According to Wikipedia, a hero is the one who in the face of danger and arsedvity or from a position of weakness, display courage and the will for self sacrifice—that is, heroism—for some greater good of all humanity. This definition originally referred to martial courage or excellence but extended to more general moral excellence. I think the former president Marcos is short of being a hero. In fact, he did more harm than good to the Filipino people. What he did for his 20 year term is being outweighed by the evils he did for his country men. He deserved to be punished like Nicolae Ceausesco of Romania, Gadafi of Libya, Mubarak of Egypt, Suharto of Indonesia, just to mention a few.

tKutEkFnZW (2012-10-24 02:56:40)
MONDE ? Perhaps the community of LE MONDE- beoglurs already is too vast or perhaps there are some legal complications , since LE MONDE is a media enterprise and not a genuine platforme for bloggers ?! sure , I will keep on the BURMA- watch . If only out of the interest ffcr the country and the ongoings there . En plus , I'm curious about the COMPTES RENDUS other participants draw after the Action . C U @ Nuage -

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