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Главная площадь Свадебных Лимузинов

Главная площадь Свадебных Лимузинов

х., м., 2006

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uYAbLZCbaCmQdzcvnA (2012-07-04 05:18:02)
This article ctinaons misinformation and a distortion of the actual record.Despite the satirical headline, it was the townhouse opponents who scored a significant victory over EYA. After five hearings before the Office of Zoning and Administrative Hearings, the Hearing Examiner agreed with the opponents that the RT-15 zoning change requested by EYA was incompatible with the existing neighborhood. She recommended that the case be remanded to her, and on October 18, 2011, the Disrict Council agreed. They too found that the RT-15 zoning change was not compatible with the neighborhood.Contrary to this article, EYA made no concessions whatsoever in its new plan. It was forced to reduce the number of townhouses it wants to build. It was forced to submit a new plan with less density and massing. It was forced to protect the historic property of the Riggs Thompson House. That was not a concession. That was the result of EYA's defeat.On September 22, 2011, the Hearing Examiner issued a 184 page report that fully explored the issues of the case. This report is available online at the Montgomery County Office of Zoning and Administrative Hearings, along with transcripts of the five hearings. Look for zoning application G-892. These documents will give a complete and detailed picture of this case, unlike this article, which is superficial at best.Many of the comments here are juvenile and obnoxious. Community associations exist to help neighborhoods fight against powerful economic interests that place profits ahead of the needs of the neighborhoods they wish to build in. EYA had plenty of money, a powerful law firm, and a public relations firm on their side, and they still lost, thanks to a community coming together to defend itself.

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