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Оливы под Сиеной

Оливы под Сиеной

картон, масло, 2007

Комментарии к работе:
TfMoBjCmOkHCGD (2012-07-04 02:05:20)
I'm 60 years old and I have a new Canadian Hero. Her name Brigette Depape. This is a reactionary gnomrveent designed to destroy all that is associated with liberalism and social values. And I can not understand why old farts and fuddy duddies like my peers think for one second they got any say over anything. Guess what? Youth just found out it has a vote, and the old ways dont work no more. Good bye stuck in the mud politicians.

DJHqAXkVx (2012-10-24 08:19:42)
FV,Yep...You do have point on the collapse of the poliitcian and the judiciary..two insitutions that are needed for a kind of "regular" social entity to group. In "non political" societies..like in remote tribal areas and remote isolated villages the "institution" revolves around the headman/woman abd the local religious preacher/ leader who execute the ressponsibilities/ duties of a political / judicial entity.Having a decrepit polity and a joke of a judiciary coupled with zero social development in core areas of the country......not surprising the rise of these factions...be it north east..or Andhra..or for that matter the Maoists in Nepal. Does his justify voilence ? Maybe ..maybe no. Personally I sure hope "not". Easier to die and much tougher to live Id say.Fact is, today more and more people will peacefuly agitate, only thus far...TV Media in fact encourage, and feed on the rather, militant forms of agitation. Given our rather short attention spans of minutes if not seconds...its not at all surprising our younger generations will agitate much more voilently than the earlier ones. Is this about education and social development alone...that I am not so sure....Thinkin out of the box .....will legalising Marjuana work ?.....Me dont have a clue.

PJlu5gDy (2015-08-12 14:15:48)
Why does this have to be the ONLY realible source? Oh well, gj!

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