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Тихий вечер

Тихий вечер

холст, масло, 2006

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iv77nGthuI (2014-12-28 12:44:35)
SOECA is not fighting hiehgr density development in Silver Spring. There's a 220 unit apartment building going up right on the other side of Cedar St. There's not been a peep from SOECA about that. We support and are working with the developers of the First Baptist Church, corner of Wayne and Fenton. The list is long. Many love the growing downtown. Looking forward to the transit center! From Ed Glaeser: My largest message to the environmental community is to fight development when it’s harmful for the environment, but support development when it’s helpful for the environment. SOECA wants a development that respects the Chelsea site, history, tree canopy, creek +Cheseapeake watershed, local compatibility via lower massing. That means fewer townhouses. EYA can do an RT-8 with 15% MPDU (8), build 50+ townhouses; protect critical large old trees providing the canopy which will make it a nicer development and save energy and absorb stormwater; preserve the historic-historic setting of the Riggs Thompson House. And have peace with the neighborhood. It's about compromise.

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