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mmjkZrvlL (2012-07-04 05:11:37)
A really good aswenr, full of rationality!

jFPVuduNkKZoXtPBUC (2012-10-24 01:10:15)
God bless you, Brenda You are the Rosa Parks that allowed me to take that front seat on the EMT-P bus I wkoerd EMS for 27 years (and I mean WORKED) because I wanted to matter. I had to lift more, be faster to answer the calls, quicker and more accurate on my radio transmissions, had my male co-workers all together pounding on the door and making rude comments when I was in the bathroom, and I polished more lightbars and chrome than all the guys put together. I had to fill the cascade system, was drilled on my paperwork, and was told over and over again that I should be barefoot and pregnant, not in the station with the real men . I wkoerd hard, and diligently, and finally won the respect of my coworkers. It took more than 15 years. When 911 hit, I was in California. I could hear the PAD's going off during the news reports, and I felt my heart being ripped out. I was helpless to help my Medic brothers and sisters It was extremely traumatic for me the depression was overwhelming if only I could have been there to help that is camaraderie gender had nothing to do with it. It was the love of the EMS family that tortured me as I watched helplessly. I can relate to your struggles, and I thank God for you for making a way for me. Yes, it was degrading at times, and always hard work, both physically and emotionally, but Love always finds a way. And I still and always will love EMS I tell my newbee students (I teach medic skills now) that there is no better job God's great world than to be a member of the EMS family. Thank you for opening that door for me and all the other great female firefighters, medics, and officers. Christine

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